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As many of you know, Old Angler’s Inn is located at 10801 MacArthur Blvd., Potomac. The restaurant has been owned and operated by my family for 58 years. In 2005 our mother, the matriarch of the family business passed away. Since her passing Old Angler’s has gone through many changes. Little did Sara, my wife and I know the incredible journey that we were about to embark. Through these last ten years, many of our friends and supporters including many of our surrounding neighbors, have experienced first-hand the trials, tribulations and successes of our journey to save the business and reinvent it to meet our neighbors’ expectations of this neighborhood institution.

Long-Term Vision

Although the short term vision for the restaurant was simple: give it some love, clean it up and try to re-brand its image moving it away from the special occasion venue only, to a place where our neighbors go on a regular basis to enjoy bon’ homie with friends and family, the long-term vision for the full utilization of the property was more complicated: How to best develop the asset that we inherited in order to yield the best return not only for the Reges family but for the community at large and to save this neighborhood gem.

This is truly a unique property and business. It is situated on 7.5 acres. Its inherent value is its location and its history. I have met with many people who were willing to volunteer their time and expertise in the real estate and hospitality industries. After a thorough review of the different possibilities including subdividing the land into ½ acre lots, a clear plan for development has emerged that is intended to allow Old Angler’s to meet its full potential while preserving a majority of the surrounding land in its current natural state. It is our intention to develop the property into a Country Inn. We envision a small but functional building for private events and overnight accommodations for approximately 8 guests.

Your Support Truly Matters

Because you are our neighbors, patrons and friends, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to voice your approval for our project. As our community has grown, we too need to grow but in a way that is appropriate for our community. It is our belief that a boutique Inn will serve our community well and will allow us, as a business, to continue on to the next generation.

Sara and I would like to invite you to sign our petition on-line at www.oldanglersinn.com or, if you prefer, we will have a copy of the petition at the Inn for your signature.

Please know that we welcome your thoughts and interest in our plans and Sara and I would be happy to give you a personal tour of the grounds to give you a better perspective of what will be built. Just give us a call at the Inn and we will be happy to meet with you personally. In addition, look for our invitation over the next few months for an open house get together where we will have light fare, beverages and our engineers, architect and Sara and I available for an open discussion.


- Sara and Mark Reges


Download Full Site Plan Here


Your Support Matters! Please Sign Our Building Petition Below

Support For Old Angler's Inn

Martin I. Grossman
Montgomery County Office of Zoning
And Administrative Hearings
Stella B Werner Council Office Building
100 Maryland Avenue, Room 200
Rockville, Maryland 20854

Re: Maryland Catering Co., Inc., application for a Conditional Use (Case No CU 15-06)

Dear Mr. Grossman:

We, the undersigned homeowners and neighbors of Maryland Catering Company, Inc. d/b/a Old Angler’s Inn (“Old Anglers’) are writing to voice our full support in favor of Old Anglers application for a conditional use to build a “country inn” at 10801 MacArthur Blvd. Potomac, Maryland.

All signatories below live in and around Potomac, Maryland. Many live in River Falls, Potomac Falls, Avenel, Cabin John, Bethesda, or on Brickyard Road.

We, as members of the surrounding community living within the Potomac Sub-region, recognize the importance and history of Old Anglers. Although many of our neighborhoods were constructed decades ago, Old Anglers has existed since 1860 and, in our opinion, has always maintained a responsible profile. The Inn is a loved and welcomed business within our town. Its survival is necessary. It is our belief that the opportunity as presented by the applicant is very beneficial to the community at large. Such a facility will provide a sense of pride, convenience and purpose. Many of us, who live in Potomac, believe Potomac is in desperate need of some development and this particular project is long over- due. A country inn would provide a necessary place to hos t important family celebrations and occasions, to gather as a community and a place for a family meal. There simply is no other place nearby that provides the ambiance, class and feel of Old Anglers. Such an addition would be welcomed and would enhance the community and provide an economic benefit to all. The proposed design and development is wholly compatible with the historic nature of Old Anglers and the surrounding community.

It is our belief that any impact as to traffic and noise will be de minimis. None of us are aware of any accidents along that stretch of road near the Inn. The size and scope of the project is small (9,000 ft² main building) and will only enhance current value not only for the Inn but for the town and surrounding community. It should be noted that the size of the proposed building is smaller than many of the homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. The proposed facility will be completely enclosed with the exception of a small patio area attached to the front of the building facing the Canal. The patio, according to the applicant will only be used as a seating area and quite dialogue for guests.

In conclusion, we urge you to accept without exception the applicant’s petition for conditional use and allow the applicant to build the Inn. The proposed use is completely compatible with Montgomery County Master Plan. By doing so, all of us will benefit both economically and from the convenience and enjoyment of an enhanced long standing community business.

Thank you for considering our opinion on this matter. We look forward to a favorable response.



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