The Power of a few should not outweigh the right to Due Process

Montgomery County Council
Council Office Building
100 Maryland Avenue, 5th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850


What you should know:

The Project

• We are proposing a boutique Country Inn to be built on the front 3 acres of our 7 acre heavily wooded parcel. Literally 3 1/2 football fields of woods away from our neighbors. Those neighbors will have a very limited if any view from where they live.
• Our entire building foot print will be approximately 8700 sq. ft. This will include 1600 sq. ft dedicated to 4 over night suites of approximately 400 sq.ft. each; 2,300 sq.ft. will be dedicated to kitchen, storage, office hallways and bathrooms. The main room dedicated to private events, private dining and celebrations will be approximately 4,800 sq. ft. with a capacity of only 160 guests.
• Our 4800 sq.ft main room could fit into our neighbor and opponent Mike Day's garage of his 20,000 +/- sq.ft on 4 acres . In fact our entire building is about a 1/3 +/- the size of his home next door and is situated on a 7 acre parcel.
• The entire building will be enclosed and essentially sound proof. Designed to look and feel like Old Angler's and be innocuous to the community.
• The topography of the land allows for tree and bush canopy that will essentially hide most of the Inn and its parking from view along the MacArthur Blvd access.
The Process
• 3 years of time and nearly a quarter of a million dollars in expense have gone into first researching then applying for a legally, rational and appropriate conditional use known as a Country Inn conditional use.
• Multiple public hearings, meetings and deliberation have already taken place to address issues raised and to make sure we were in compliance with all regulations.
• Accommodations willingly made, at great expense changing size, scope, design to mitigate any and all community and planning concerns
• Receiving a long awaited MNCPPC staff recommendation of approval for our proposed Inn.
• Obtaining a final hearing date for this September that now has been put on hold until this ZTA is decided.


The Opposition's False Narrative

• Dissemination of false information as to what we are proposing including:
• A false and entirely misleading video and written material designed to scare our neighbors into supporting this ZTA.
Please visit www.brickyardcoalition.org.

• We are abusing the code in order to build a HOOTERS
• We are proposing a 9,000 sq. ft restaurant for 300 guests
• We are building a 95 car parking lot.
• We will destroy the environment and tear down large swaths of trees



Stop ZTA 17-04 on Sept. 12, 2017. We Need You There To Save Our Inn!Click For Details